Early Days 1978 - 1982 (DVD)


various dates and locations


"Youngline", March 1978

- Street Mission


"Pop On The Box", 1979 (?)

- couldn't figure out which song this is (unreleased)


RTE "The Late Show", 01/15/81, Dublin, Ireland

- Stories For Boys



- The Ocean

- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

- The Cry/Electric Co.

- Out Of Control


Swedish TV "Mandagsbörsen"; 02/09/81, Stockholm, Sweden

- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

- I Will Follow


BBC "Top Of The Pops", 1981 (?)

- Fire


UK TV "Something Else"; 05/15/82, London, England

- Rejoice

- I Will Follow

- With A Shout


UK TV "Get Set For Summer"; May 1982

- Gloria/A Celebration/Rejoice (fades out during drum solo)



A hilarious collection of TV appearances by U2 throughout the first five years of their carreer. Especially the first two songs are fantastic and leave you wondering how anybody could take these guys serious :)